Pastoral Services


As a counselor, Buddhist Ngakma and Inter-faith minister, Maya Malay offers these services:

Pastoral Counseling, life skills and transformational modalities...

Using a combination of therapeutic techniques the client is assisted in finding the answers and solutions necessary for clarity, healing and spiritual growth.

  Counseling assists one in being free to move through life's transitions without getting stuck in depression, confusion or negativity and how to benefit from the process. Learning to understand the process and how to work with our challenges become an exciting experience of growth and self- discovery. 

Couples and  Relationship Counseling is exceptionally helpful in establishing healthy relationship dynamics, based on effective understanding , kindness, good communication and compassion. There is a three session series for those who want to restore or repair their relationship in concetrated and timely fashion.

  Spiritual Mentoring and Support- guidance and support in spiritual awareness and development. through dialog, shakti-pat, prayer , and intuitive reflection.

Regression Therapy- awareness of past influences in our current life helps us to understand, let go of negative traits, patterns and tendencies that may inhibit our living fully and freely in the present. investigating the past provides keys of deeper understanding of ourselves; our character traits, tendencies, talents, our lives and our relationships.

Hypnosis- a gentle process of working directly with the deeper levels of consciousness for insight and reframing in order to shift a pattern, habit or tendency.

Meditation- relaxing the mind into an ocean of peace and calm. Understanding the nature of mind and developing a practice that tames the ‘’monkey mind’’ and leads to a peaceful and joyful existence. Focus is on traditional practices of Shamatha and Vipassana, as well as visualization practices.

Rebirthing- the use of conscious breathwork for relaxation, release, emotional and energetic clearing and regaining a balanced state of being.

Sacred Ceremonies - Weddings, baptisms, memorials, peaceful-partings (divorce ceremonies) and house blessings

Rates apply on an hourly basis. Sessions are generallly 1 hour, 1 1/2 hour or 2 hours.
  For appointment call 561- 832-0224